The Villa


Today the Villa is a place that hosts events of excellence with the aim of giving a different meaning to the time of those seeking wonder and inspiration.

Philosophy of Meriggio


Villa Meriggio wants to be a place of inspiration and reflection. To give the opportunity to interpret and intensely experience this splendid architecture, a very specific philosophy has been developed: the Meriggio Philosophy. In ancient Greece, Meriggio was considered the auspicious time for the appearance of deities and divine creatures. The concept, reinterpreted in a modern key, represents the perfect opportunity to be fascinated by the power and beauty of nature, capable of stimulating our imagination and going beyond existing reality. This vision embodies the essence of the home, which, founded on four fundamental pillars, guides the experience of its guests.


Nature is essential to understand the essence of Villa Meriggio, like its architecture. The Villa and Nature continually exchange and confuse each other in dialogue; and if Nature is part of the Villa, the latter is as if it aspired at the same time to be part of Nature, in the classical awareness that from it - from the Φύσις (physis) - everything is generated, everything becomes, everything returns. Whether it is meadows, gardens, trees and spontaneous vegetation, areas controlled by human intervention or left wilder, whoever crosses the threshold of Villa Meriggio hears the seductive and bewitching call of the varied and disarming Beauty of Nature.

External vision

Anyone who abandons themselves and lets themselves be enchanted has the opportunity to step outside of themselves, to identify with the beauty and life that exist beyond the limits of their habits, experiences and mental coordinates. “[...] an exit from one's nature, an identification with the beauty that exists in thoughts, actions, people who are not ourselves.” The essence of love described by PB Shelley appears so similar to this experience: Nature, contact with it and the silent internal dialogue that derives from it can make this ability to lose one's self and rediscover oneself, find oneself in the other.

Internal vision

This is what forms, in broad terms, the essential nucleus of physical and psychic experiences of what we define with the name of Meriggio - emotional and mental nucleus that we carry with us, inevitably, once we return to ourselves - and whose active practice is precisely to be identified with the philosophy of Meriggio: observing Nature in its wonder, self-reflection is possible by going out of ourselves and looking at ourselves with new eyes, as if we were external, to then return to ourselves enriched, improved, inspired.


Nothing seems to resemble the experience of inspiration more than the joy with which children absorb shape and colour, as if they were enraptured in a sort of perpetual intoxication. This was stated by Baudelaire in one of his prose and it cannot be more explanatory of the main ambition of Villa Meriggio: to be the threshold and antechamber of inspiration. Through the experience of Nature and this momentary loss of oneself, it wants to transport one into a state of intoxication similar to that of the small-large explorers of the world and oneself.