The Villa

The history of Villa Meriggio

Villa Meriggio is a historic residence with timeless charm, built in 1917 in a time full of contradictions. The horizon opens onto the valley of the Mincio river, the “valley of the gods” according to a possible etymology of the name Valeggio; and the protagonist of the landscape is the Visconti Bridge, which extends from west to east in the vicinity of Borghetto sul Mincio.
Although the details about its first owners remain shrouded in mystery, the typical elements of Liberty architecture are evident, such as the stucco decorations depicting lion heads, or the rams on the capitals of the colonnade.
Symbols also occur in historic fountains which could be attributable to the zodiac signs of the first owners, as was the fashion of the time.

In ancient times the residence was surrounded by vineyards that extended to the foot of the Scaligero castle of Valeggio sul Mincio.
During the Second World War, Villa Meriggio became an Austrian military outpost.
The restorations that have taken place over time have maintained the original splendor and spirit, reflecting a timeless elegance.
The current owners have set themselves the objective of preserving and enhancing the historical and architectural heritage of this splendid mansion, through a philological recovery that can give guests a unique and unforgettable experience of beauty and culture.
This magnificent historic residence has been renamed “Villa Meriggio”. This name takes after the hottest hours of the day, when the sun is high in the sky. For the Greeks and Latins they were considered particularly favorable for a theophany, or a "divine manifestation".


The soul of Meriggio

Alessandra Pacilli, today Co-Owner of Villa Meriggio, comes from a long path of humanistic studies, which over time led her to specialize in the analysis of the dynamics and management of the museum institution. After the purchase of the property in 2019, inspired by this pleasant place, immersed in the enchantment of nature, capable of fertilizing the imagination, she began a complex philological restoration of the ancient walls, aimed at recovering the wonderful architecture of the early twentieth century, giving life to a contemporary Liberty design environment, surrounded by a spectacular park that enjoys the view of the Visconti Bridge of Borghetto and the Scaligero Castle of Valeggio sul Mincio. This Art Nouveau hill, today known by the name of Villa Meriggio, is a space that promotes art, poetry, philosophy and beauty, it is in fact a venue for meetings, conferences coordinated by high-level speakers, corporate events and private individuals in line with the “Philosophy of Meriggio”. Alessandra Pacilli founded the “Amici del Meriggio” project and with the support of illustrious curators she is co-curator of the “Salotti del Meriggio”, and of the prestigious “Philosophica” exhibition, in collaboration with the University of Verona of which Villa Meriggio he is a partner. In 2022 she realized her passion as a writer with the first three-volume book of the Arkadia series published by Edizioni Zero Tre, "Racconti dell'Alba". The second book "Racconti del Meriggio" was published in 2024.